Bob Ó Cathail

Paintings and Artworks from Dingle Peninsula


Where I live near Ventry Harbour, I am surrounded by beautiful landscapes. The mountains, the sea and the extraordinary wild flowers that seem to grow everywhere form the backdrop against which the drama of life is acted out. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide where to start with a painting. I like to think that the beauty of the landscape seeps into our psyche and we in time become part of it.

<h4>Giant's Bed</h4>

Giant's Bed

Waves of Ventry<br>

Waves of Ventry



Ventry Harbour<br>

Ventry Harbour

Ventry by Night<br>

Ventry by Night

Stormy Day Ventry Crows<br>

Stormy Day Ventry Crows

Spanish Town<br>

Spanish Town

Skellig Rocks<br>

Skellig Rocks

Mt. Brandon<br>

Mt. Brandon

Gates of Glory<br>Acrylic on Canvas / 30 x 40 cm - €300  <br>

Gates of Glory

Acrylic on Canvas / 30 x 40 cm - €300  

Email: info [at]

Derrygorman Stones<br>Acrylic on Canvas / 30 x 40 cm - €300<br><br>

Derrygorman Stones

Acrylic on Canvas / 30 x 40 cm - €300

Email: info [at]

Curlews in the Bog<br>

Curlews in the Bog

Cloonsharragh Stones<br>

Cloonsharragh Stones

Ceann Trá Harbor

Ceann Trá Harbor

Bridge Village<br>

Bridge Village

Brandon from Clasach<br>

Brandon from Clasach

<h4>Boats at Cuan</h4><p>Acrylic on Canvas / 30 x 40 cm -  €300</p>

Boats at Cuan

Acrylic on Canvas / 30 x 40 cm -  €300

Email: info [at]

Birch Wood<br>

Birch Wood

Ballyhoneen Wedge Tomb<br>

Ballyhoneen Wedge Tomb